Colonial, Revolutionary War & Early Republic Period - Resource List
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Sons of the American Revolution
Recommended books about the Revolutionary War Era from Chris Palmer

Smith, Page, 1976, A New Age Now Begins, 2 volumes: McGraw Hill Publishers. An excellent overall history of the Revolution. If you only read
one account, this is it.

Fast, Howard, 1971,
The Crossing: New Jersey Historical Society. Account of the “ten crucial days” of the Battle of Trenton. Reads like a novel.

Martin, D. G., 1993,
The Philadelphia Campaign June 1777-July 1778: Combined Books. The Philadelphia Campaign, Valley Forge and

Chavez, T., 2002,
Spain and the Independence of the United States, An Intrinsic Gift: University of New Mexico Press. THIS IS A MUST READ.
France gets all the international credit, but Spain was a silent partner with France. The American Revolution was also an international conflict
especially in the Caribbean and Spain was a major funder of the Americans.

Rose, A., 2006,
Washington’s Spies, The Story of America’s First Spy Ring: Bantam Publishers.  The story of the New York spy ring through the
Revolution and basis of the TV series “Turn”.

Cooper, James Fennimore, 1820? republished 1963,
The Spy, A Tale of the Neutral Ground: The Heritage Press, NY. This is a great novel. Cooper
is usually maligned in high school English classes but this is very readable, and gives an idea of what life was like in the neutral ground around
New York a the time of the Washington’s Spies book above. It was written in the early 19th century so you will have to get into it. READ IT.

Golway, T., 2005,
Washington’s General, Nathanael Greene and the Triumph of the American Revolution: Henry Holt Publishers: the biography
of Greene who was central to winning the war in the South, and his role is under-appreciated.

Mapp, A. J., 2003, T
he Faiths of Our Fathers, What America’s Founders Really Believed: Rowman and Littlefield Publishers. A review of the
Founders religious beliefs and gives a view into the men and era.

Higginbotham, D., 1961,
Daniel Morgan Revolutionary Rifleman: Institute of Early American History and Culture at Williamsburg, University of
North Carolina Press. Morgan served in practically every engagement and brilliantly at Cowpens and his rifle battalion is legendary.

Fischer, D. H., 2004,
Washington’s Crossing: Oxford Press. WOW, this book is great! I am biased since I feel the Trenton Princeton campaign
saved the Revolution but Fischer’s book is so complete right down to the weather you must read this book. Fischer is superb and one of the best
historians out there. ALSO read his book Liberty and Freedom.

Billias, G. A. ed., 1994,
George Washington’s Generals and Opponents, Their Exploits and Leadership: De Capo Press. This book is great it
introduces leaders on both sides and evaluates what they did. It is necessary to understand your opponent. Excellent.

Dohla, Johann Conrad, 1777-1783, published 1990,
A Hessian Diary of the American Revolution: translated edited and introduced by Bruce E.
Burgoyne. The other side has a story and the Hessians were everywhere. Their views on Americans and the conflict are enlightening.

Martin, Joseph Plumb, 1962, 1993 ed.,
Private Yankee Doodle: Eastern Acorn Press. The original soldier’s view of the entire event, required
reading and used in every book and TV rendering of the Revolution.

AND read first-person accounts, people were very perceptive and thoughtful with their writing.

Revolutionary War related books that Terry Briggs has and has read:
Liberty , 1997 by Thomas Flemming, Viking Press (companion book to Video program)
1776, 2005 by David McCollough, Simon & Schuster, NY  (deluxe edition with reproductions of the Declaration of Independence and other
important documents) by  David McCollough.

The War that Made America , 2005 by Fred Anderson, Viking Press (about the French and Indian War companion book to DVD).

Founding Myths, Stories That Hide Our Patriotic Past, 2004 by Ray Raphael, The New Press.

Forced Founders, Indians, Debtors, Slaves & the Making of the American Revolution in Virginia, 1999 by Woody Holton, University of North
Carolina Press, Chapel Hill, NC.

Common Sense, 1775 by Thomas Payne.

A Narrative of a Revolutionary War Soldier by Joseph Plumb Martin.

A Brilliant Solution (about the Constitutional Convention) by Carol Berkin.

The Triumverate (About approval state approvals of the US Constitution) 2012 by Bruce Chadwick.

George Washington and Benedict Arnold, A Tale of Two Patriots, 2006 by David R. Palmer, Regnery Publishing, Inc.

Thomas Jefferson, The Art of Power, 2012 by Jon Meacham, Random House.

First Family, 2010 by Joseph J. Ellis,   (about John, Abigail and John Quincy Adams).

Faiths of Our Fathers, 2003 by Mapp.

Memoir of Col. Benjamin Tallmadge, 1858 by Benjamin Tallmadge, Forgotten Books.

Washington's Spies Story of America’s First Spy Ring, 2006, A. Rose The: Bantam Publishers.  The story of the New York spy ring through the
Revolution and basis of the TV series “Turn”.

DVD's about the Revolutionary War that Terry Briggs has:
The War that Made America (about the French and Indian War, 4 DVDs)
George Washington, the Warrior (2 DVDs)
Rebels and Redcoats (4 DVDs)
Liberty (by PBS, 3 DVDs)
The Revolutionary War (by the History Channel - 3 DVDs)
The Revolutionary War (by the Learning Channel - 3 DVDs)
The Founding Fathers (by the History Channel - 4 DVDs)
The Founding Brothers (by the History Channel - 4 DVDs)
Thomas Jefferson (by the History Channel - 2 DVDs)
Benjamin Franklin (3 DVDs)
The War of 1812 (by PBS, 1 DVD)
God In America (American Experience/Frontline, 3 DVDs)
John Adams (HBO drama series, 3 DVDs)
1776 (the musical)
Johnny Tremain (Disney movie based upon the childrens novel by Esther Forbes)
The Patriot (drama starring Mel Gibson)
An April Morning (1988 TV drama of the April 19, 1775 Battle at Lexington, 1 DVD)